Watermelon cooler

Watermelon, cucumber and mint are really refreshing together on a hot day and the bright red colour of this juice is a hit with little ones. You can also try doubling the quantities and freezing this mix in our pure fruit ice lollies.


2 slices watermelon
a chunk cucumber (about 5cm long)
1 or 2 mint leaves


1. Make sure your melon and cucumber are cold from the fridge before starting so that this is nice and refreshing. 

2. Cut your slices of watermelon right through the diameter then cut into wedges and chop off the rind. The kids can take out any obvious pips although don't worry too much about removing every last one.

3. Pop the melon in a blender with a chunk of cucumber (no need to peel) and the mint. Show the kids how to blend until smooth.