Upscale toasties

Upscale toasties are the perfect use for the stray bit of ham, handful of button mushrooms or lone egg going begging in your fridge. Let your kids experiment by adding a nibblet of this or that and posh up your bog-standard lunch a bit. None of the below stray too far from tried-and-tested, kid-friendly formulas but should help encourage a bit of variation. All make enough for one decent-sized toastie.

Takes 5 minutes

Cheddar, spinach & egg

Break an egg into a ramekin. Grate a little cheddar (little kids find this easiest to do using a box grater like this one). Layer a little baby spinach on top of your first piece of gluten-free bread, making a little hollow in the centre (you will find this toastie easiest to assemble if you start it off by putting the first piece of bread directly into the sandwich press). Carefully pour the egg into the hollow you have left in the slice of bread and top with the cheddar and a sprinkling of spring onions, snipped up with kitchen scissors. Top with the second gluten-free piece of bread. Cook until the egg is oozing.

Welsh rarebit

Break an egg into a bowl and get the kids to whisk it with a fork. Add 200g grated cheddar, a spring onion snipped up with kitchen scissors and 1 tsp gluten-free Dijon mustard and mix well to combine. Sandwich between gluten-free bread and toast.

Smoked salmon, crème fraîche & lemon

Spread a little crème fraîche or cream cheese on your first piece of gluten-free bread. Grate over a little lemon zest and black pepper and top with a few smoked salmon trimmings. Top with a few sprinklings of chive or spring onion, snipped up with kitchen scissors, then layer on your second piece of gluten-free bread. Cook for a minute or two and the salmon will turn from raw to pink.

Mushroom & meat

Slice up a couple of button mushrooms and add to your sandwich with a couple of baby spinach leaves, a handful of grated cheddar, a slice of tomato and a snip of chives. If you have a little ham, get the kids to rip it up and add to the sandwich then top with your second bit of gluten-free bread. If you have some thinly sliced chorizo or salami, you can use that in place of ham.