The Peter Rabbit

A simple spread of raw veg, nutritious dips, mackerel paté and bread makes for a really balanced lunch and can be pulled together in minutes. Stick to crunchy veg (avoiding raw cauliflower or broccoli which are best left cooked) and keep it colourful. 

Serves 4 

a quantity of mackerel pate
your choice of minute-make lucky dips  
nice gluten-free bread for toasting

your choice of:
little gem lettuces
mixed peppers

Takes 15 minutes

1. Get your little ones to make the dips with you and arrange on a platter.

2. Cut up and toast some nice bread.

3. Prepare the veggies together - kids can help wash lettuces and dry the leaves in a salad spinner. Beware of vegetable peelers, which tend to be very sharp and are not for little fingers.