You will always find cheddar cheese, avocados and crème fraîche in the Modern Family Food fridge so quesadillas are a ready-in-five-minutes favourite standby. If you have some leftover black bean cowboy soup, you can take your humble quesadilla to a whole new level. If not, elevate it to cut-above by knocking up your own minute-make lucky dip guacamole.

Serves 1-2

wholemeal gluten-free wraps
cheddar cheese
spring onions
mixed peppers
leftover black bean cowboy soup (optional)
crème fraîche
minute-make lucky dip guacamole

Takes 10 minutes

1. We make our quesadillas in a panini press but a large non-stick frying pan does the same job. Grate some cheddar (kids find this easiest in a box grater with a bowl like this one). Get the kids to top and tail a spring onion or two with kitchen scissors then snip them up.

2. Show them how to deseed the peppers and then cut them into strips. Help them to coarsely rip up a handful of coriander. Layer a bit of everything on a wrap, including the cowboy soup, if using.

3. Either fold over the wrap or top with a second one, depending on appetites, and toast away. Cut into wedges and serve with crème fraîche and minute-make lucky dip guacamole.