Minute-make pure fruit ice lollies

Making your own ice lollies with fresh fruit at home is simple. They taste great without an E-number in sight and all the sweetness comes from natural fruit - there's no added refined sugar. Don't worry too much about quantities or making them look perfect - get your kids to try different fruits and come up with their own flavours.

Some flavours to try

mango and a little lime zest
pure orange juice, not from concentrate
kiwi fruit

Takes 5 minutes + freezing

1. Peel and destone (if need be) your chosen fruit and whizz to a purée in a food processor. You can pass the purée through a sieve if you like, pressing with a spoon to remove the pips from berries and kiwis. You can also thin down with a splash of water to make the fruit go further.

2. Decant into moulds. Add a little lime zest to your mango lollies if you like.  

3. Put your wooden sticks in and freeze. 

4. To remove your lollies, boil the kettle and pour hot water into a large bowl. Now run your mould back and forth through the hot water a few times and gently lift each lolly out of its mould by its stick. Standard moulds are readily available online and on the high-street.