Potato, parsley & pancetta croquettes

If you have some lone rashers of pancetta or bacon going begging in your Christmas fridge, these bite-sized croquettes are a nice way to use it up. A potato ricer makes lovely smooth mash but little ones will probably have to watch you do it as they won't have the muscle to do the job alone. Good for nibbles or Christmas buffets and easily doubled if you're feeding a crowd.

Makes 16

450g King Edwards
rapeseed oil
6 rashers pancetta or bacon
1 egg
1 tbsp flat-leaf parsley
salt and pepper

Takes 30 minutes

1. Boil the kettle, peel the potatoes and chop into equal-sized pieces. Simmer in the boiling water over a medium heat until soft (about 15 minutes).

2. While the potatoes are cooking, drizzle a little oil in a frying pan over a medium heat. Finely snip the pancetta or bacon up with kitchen scissors and fry in the oil until crisp. It will crisp right down to croquette-friendly crumbs - don't panic, that's what you want.

3. Once the potatoes are cooked, drain really well in a colander. Spoon into a potato ricer and show the kids how to make the potato rain through it into a large mixing bowl (or pound with a masher). Show them how to crack in the egg then tip in the bacon (keep the frying pan out to use again in a minute). Get them to finely chop the parsley (kids find this easiest using multi-blade scissors like these). Finally get them to add a good grinding of black pepper. Give it all a really good mix.

4. Wet the kids' hands (and yours) under the tap then roll the mixture into golf-ball sized rounds. You should make about 16. Get the frying pan back on a medium heat and dry-fry the croquettes (there will be some residual bacon fat in the pan). Shake on and off to stop them sticking and cook, turning with tongs until brown all over (5-10 minutes).