Sunny clementine salad

Popping a bit of sweet fruit in a salad is a good way of getting little ones eating more of the savoury stuff and the slices of clementine in this are like little bursts of sunshine. This is one of those plates of food that looks like you've gone to loads of effort when actually it's really simple. You can make it ahead of time and dress just before serving, too.

Serves 4

2 clementines
a handful of leftover roast chicken
half a cucumber
100g spinach
a few mint sprigs, leaves picked
a handful of pine nuts
a handful of pumpkin seeds
1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
salt and pepper
Parmesan cheese, to serve 

Takes 10 minutes

1. Show the kids how to peel their clementines - the easiest way for them to do this is to poke their thumb into the centre to make the first hole and then peel away.

2. Get them to shred the leftover roast chicken while you slice the clementines and cucumber into thin rounds.

3. Get a platter and help them arrange layers of whole spinach leaves, chicken, cucumber and clementine. Scatter over the mint leaves (get the kids to roughly rip up any big ones), pine nuts and pumpkin seeds.

4. Take a jam jar and help them to measure the extra-virgin olive oil and vinegar into it. Season with salt and pepper directly into the jar. Put the lid on tightly and let them shake it up to mix. Kids like making salad dressings.

5. When you're ready to serve pour over the salad dressing and shave over a little Parmesan using a vegetable peeler. Watch little fingers with the peeler.