Instant sorbet with homemade ice magic

In the time it takes one of you to set up the Wii or Scrabble board, the rest of you can have made a homemade fruit sorbet, with no added sugar and next-to-no washing up. If you were a kid in the Eighties you will remember Ice Magic - chocolate sauce in a squeezy bottle that immediately turned solid on hitting cold ice cream.

**Disclaimer** if you're going to make this in 5 minutes you'll need to have prepped your fruit in advance and got it frozen, ready and waiting in the freezer.

Makes 1 small tub

Mango version:

400g mango, cubed and already frozen in a freezer bag
1 lime

Strawberries and cream version:

400g strawberries, hulled and already frozen in a freezer bag
100g mascarpone

Ice magic:

100g dark chocolate chips

Takes 5 minutes 

1. Boil the kettle. Get the kids to decant the chocolate chips into a mug. Pour a little hot water into a plastic measuring jug and put the mug inside the jug so that the chocolate begins to melt.

2. Get your chosen fruit out of the freezer and whizz briefly in a food processor until it turns into sorbet. Zest in a little lime for the mango version and add the mascarpone for the strawberry version. Pulse again to combine and quickly scoop into cones or bowls.

3. Get a teaspoon and stir the chocolate which will now have melted. Remove from the jug by the mug handle (mind the hot water and little fingers) and drizzle over everyone's sorbet; it'll crisp up and go solid, just like the original Ice Magic. Any leftover sorbet can be frozen for another day (get it out of the freezer a while before you want to serve it so that it's soft enough to scoop).