From-the-freezer herb butters

Herb butters are handy to have in the freezer and a good way to teach kids about different flavour combinations. Try them with simple chicken kebabs, garlic bread, to perk up mashed potato or melted over hot steamed greens or carrots. If you grow herbs and have a glut, here's what to do to ensure a year-round supply. Also a way of finishing off a packet of half-used herbs. 

Fills 1 freezer mould

your choice of herb and/or seasoning
olive oil or butter

Takes 5 minutes + freezing

1. Snip-up whatever herbs you fancy with kitchen scissors (the multi-blade kind like these make this simpler for kids, although make sure you're supervising). Distribute among silicon moulds of any shape, now top up with either straight olive oil or melted butter. Let the kids try adding other snippets of flavour to the mix (see below). 

2. Once frozen, pop them in labelled freezer bags and use either individually to melt over hot, just-cooked steaks or burgers, or as little flavour bombs in your cooking. You can pop in a ramekin and move from fridge to freezer to defrost or just use before cooking straight from frozen.

Flat-leaf parsley

Tuck into a slitgluten-free baguette to make garlic bread

simple sage

Add to a roasting tray of gluten-free sausages and cubed butternut squash

coriander & lime zest

Add to chicken or white fish before cooking

ROsemary & Chilli FLAKES

Tuck into a tray of sweet potato fries before cooking