Foolproof sweetcorn fritters

If you've tried to make fritters in the past and got frustrated by them falling apart on you in the frying pan as you try and flip them, then it's time to get out your flat sandwich press and cook both sides at once. Sandwich presses are also an easier way for little ones to cook (although obviously you need to tell them to keep their fingers well away from the hotplate). They're healthier, too, as you only need a spritz of oil to stop the hotplates from sticking - no need for oil in a pan. A fuss-free batter, a can of sweetcorn and these are ready in the same time it takes to make a toasted sandwich. 

Takes 10 minutes

Makes 4

375g can no-added sugar or salt sweetcorn
2 tbsp polenta
2 tbsp gluten-free cornflour
a few chives
1-2 spring onions
2 eggs
salt and pepper
gluten-free baps, salad and crispy bacon (optional) to serve

1. Heat your sandwich press. Drain the can of sweetcorn. Mix together the polenta and cornflour in a bowl. Snip up the chives with a pair of kitchen scissors and chop up the spring onions (kids find this easier with kitchen scissors, too). 

2. Beat the eggs then stir into the flours with the chives, spring onions and sweetcorn. Season with a little salt and pepper then drop spoonfuls onto your sandwich press (you can spray it with a little oil to prevent sticking). Depending on the size of your sandwich press you'll be able to do them all at once or in two batches. Serve in baps with salad and crispy bacon, if you like.