Fisherman's stew

Use just one kind or a mix of fish in this nutritious little stew - salmon, prawns and white fish work well together. If you are cooking for a baby, stick to salmon or white fish which flake down to next-to-nothing, making them easy to eat. Any leftovers can go in a mash-topped pie tomorrow night - or you can make double quantities for this purpose. You can also make a frozen prawn version - just pop a few handfuls in at stage (2), omit any other fish and follow the recipe as before.

Serves 4

1 red onion
a handful of chives or flat-leaf parsley
1 lemon
rapeseed oil
300ml crème fraîche
salt and pepper
500g skinless and boneless fish (try a mix of salmon, prawns and any white fish)
150ml semi-skimmed or whole milk
1  small can of no-added-sugar-or-salt sweetcorn

Takes 25 minutes

1. Show the kids how to peel and chop the onion and snip up the chives with kitchen scissors. Get them to chop the lemon in half and squeeze out the juice into a handheld juicer or small bowl.

2. Heat a glug of oil in a pan and help the children to add the onion and chives. Soften for a few minutes, stirring on and off with a wooden spoon. Add the lemon juice, crème fraîche and a little salt and pepper to the onions, stir, then add your fish. Prawns can go in whole - snip your salmon or white fish up into small pieces with kitchen scissors.

3. Pour over your milk and increase the heat to high to bring to a bubble. Now reduce the heat to medium, pop a lid on and simmer for 15 minutes. Show the kids how to drain the sweetcorn then add to the pan and put the lid back on for a minute to warm through. Serve alone or with green beans and mash.