Easy chicken & carrot nuggets

Use up leftover roast chicken to make these quick, kid-friendly nuggets which are coated in gluten-free polenta (not batter) for crunch then browned in just a smudge of oil to keep the fat content down. We've added carrot and mozzarella for a nugget loaded with valuable nutrition with no added nasties.

MAKES 10-12 

150g cooked roast chicken
1 small carrot
1 tsp dried oregano
1 egg
salt and pepper
1 ball mozzarella
polenta for coating
rapeseed oil

Takes 20 minutes 

1. Get the kids to help you assemble all the ingredients in a food processor: weigh out the chicken, peel the carrot and chop it into 4 or 5 pieces then add too. Pop in the oregano, crack in the egg and season with plenty of salt and pepper. Whizz to combine. Ensure the carrot is finely chopped.   

2. Chop the mozzarella into pieces - get them as small as you can. Remove the blade from the processor, decant the nugget mix into a bowl and get the kids to mix in the mozzarella.

3. Get a wide shallow bowl and sprinkle generously with a few tablespoons of polenta. Season with salt and pepper and stir.

4. Wet your hands and roll the mix into 10-12 golf ball-sized nuggets. Pop each into the polenta and get the kids to shake the bowl to lightly coat the nuggets. Roll them around to ensure even coverage but go easy - you want a light coating, not too much.

5. Drizzle a little rapeseed oil into a frying pan, heat over a medium heat then add the nuggets. Shake the pan to ensure they don't stick and cook, turning with tongs on and off, until evenly browned and cooked through (about 10 minutes). the mozzarella will melt and keep them nice and moist. Serve with dipping sauces.